An HVAC System That Not Many People Will Understand

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, which is an application of air conditioning systems from several branches of Mechanical Engineering, namely thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer hvac air conditioning service . HVAC is included in its vital use in several industries, especially in buildings, offices filled with computer equipment that needs to be maintained in air humidity, as well as large industries that require a good ventilation system. Heating & cooling can be used in one device, so countries that have cold weather can use this technology.

For this, further reviews regarding HVAC:

– Heating
This system is widely used in areas with cold climates, which throughout the season are dominated by cold temperatures. Composed of several important parts including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, radiators, and hydronic.

– Ventilation
Ventilation is the process of circulating air inside a room with outside air, which aims to remove dust, moisture, odors, carbon dioxide, heat, bacteria in the air, and regenerate oxygen in the room. Ventilation is one application of the theory of fluid mechanics. There are two types of ventilation, namely forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Forced ventilation is a ventilation system that uses the help of a fan or fan to circulate air in the room. This system is widely used in large industries, buildings, and the closest example to us is in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In the kitchen, a fan is usually installed to suck smoke from the stove and throw it out. While in the bathroom it is clearly used to expel unpleasant odors from the bathroom.

– Air conditioning
Air Conditioning (AC) uses the principle of a cooling engine cycle, which consists of several important parts, namely refrigerant, compressor, heat exchanger, and expansion valve.

That is a brief review of HVAC technology. This technology has been used in various countries, depending on the shape of the room. The air conditioner used in the house will be different from the one used in offices.